About Us

AMAI AMARA was founded in 2020 by sisters Chiara and Carissa as a jewelry label committed to timeless designs and the creation of iconic vintage-inspired jewelry boxes designed to last a lifetime. All jewelry has a story to tell - our story began in Berlin, Germany in which we started designing jewelry and more often than not ended up misplacing some of our pieces. This led to a unique idea and with a ton of inspiration, AMAI AMARA would become the answer to the long-term search for iconic jewelry boxes and high-quality jewelry that will not break the bank. The name AMAI AMARA comes from the belief and appreciation that every person has a beautiful light in their own right.

"Every person deserves to feel powerful each day in their perfectly imperfect ways... inspired by the love of both of our mother and grandmothers, we named our brand ‘Amai’ which stands for ‘mother’ and ‘Amara,’ which stands for everlasting grace and light. AMAI AMARA's timeless pieces of jewelry and jewelry boxes are designed to be worn and used every day and become unique heirlooms you can happily enjoy for a lifetime. Our creations are carefully crafted from high-quality materials such as ethical gold and silver. With versatile stacking and styling options, our jewelry pieces are a must-have to express your individual personality. We are careful to curate our pieces in limited capsule collections so as to comply with A-grade sustainable practices." - Chiara, FOUNDER of AMAI AMARA

Where It Began

Our jewelry journey began in Berlin, driven by a vision to redefine jewelry designs with conscious creations.
"A love letter to our mother and grandmothers, AMAI AMARA embodies through design the special light they brought into our lives whilst helping to cultivate ours. I have always been inspired by fashion and after graduating high school I ended up launching one of the most successful fashion blogs in Europe. I often had the opportunity to travel to international Fashion Weeks as well as designer launches which I had never dreamt I could do but this further inspired me to build my dream. I studied design and as the global pandemic hit in 2020 I overcame my fear and brought to life my vision of creating a sustainable jewelry and jewelry boxes brand with pieces that could last a lifetime and help reflect your inner light.” - Chiara
“As my family always nickname me "an adventurer" which my Frequent Flyer miles would not contradict, I have always found joy in collecting jewelry from all over the world from Zanzibar, Naxos to Capri, storing it and wearing it everyday. Having had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the largest and creative companies in the world whilst pursuing my passion of travelling and collecting jewelry on the side, I still yearned deep down to create something I could call my own. I was struggling to find the perfect jewelry box to store all of the precious jewelry I had collected across my travels as well as those inherited as heirlooms so the idea of creating the jewelry box was born." - Carissa